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Health Care Executive Forum
February 8-10, 2024

As we approach this year's Vizient Health Care Executive Forum, we are called to embrace the transformative power inherent in our theme: REPAIR, REFOCUS, REIMAGINE. It is a summons to the leaders of healthcare to not only navigate the currents of change but to steer them towards a horizon of boundless possibility. 

In the spirit of unity that marked our gathering in Orlando, we now converge in a place where the desert meets the sky, ready to embrace the vast expanse of opportunity that lies before us. This event is more than a meeting of minds; the pulse of potential thrums with every handshake, every discourse, every shared insight.

We extend a warm invitation to you, the vanguards of healthcare, to partake in this journey of profound transformation. Let us stand shoulder to shoulder as we dismantle barriers, bring into focus the path ahead, and paint a future replete with innovation and inclusivity.

Together, at VHEF, we will not just witness the future of healthcare—we will create it.

Desert Palm Trees
During the forum, mornings will consist of educational content and an outstanding line-up of keynote speakers. Afternoons are set aside for you to participate in network activities that interest you. Finding common ground and interests with your colleagues allows you to connect with those you may have never met otherwise. Dining events will take place during the evening at well-respected and delectable restaurants. From Puppy Yoga benefiting a local rescue, to the prized Waste Management Phoenix Open, we have created excellent networking options for you while enjoying the spectacular setting in sunny Arizona.
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